If you are studying to become a programmer, it is extremely hard to know where to start while selecting from an incredibly large number of programming languages. The most useful among them are C, C++,C#, which is generally not very much touched upon exclusively. There are many online helping assignment courses which are ready to help with c, c++, c# homework help. In this article, we will be discussing these programming languages in detail.

C programming language

The C programming language is the oldest and the most widely used programming language which was invented by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. When this language came out, it was the lowest level of programming readability. This was a revolution in the programming operating system forever. C is still the most widely used programming language out of all as programmers still use it in operating systems, kernel-level software, hardware drivers and applications that need work with older codes.

C++ programming language

C++ programming was initially developed to be the extension of the C programming language which was created by a PhD student where he aimed at enhancing the C and add objects without sacrificing on the speed. This programming language is considered to be an intermediate level programming language which was developed upon the C level programming language with advanced capabilities. This extremely prolific programming language is used alongside C as a development of operating systems, which makes the language easy to learn.

C# programming language

C# is pronounced as c sharp and is a high-level object-oriented programming language which was built on an extension of C. It has a .NET framework which stands as a backbone of the C language. This language complies into a byte-code which executes on a virtual computer which works on the fly. The language adds garbage to the collection, uninitialised variable checking, bound checking by typing the capabilities of the base C. C# is the most technical and complicated of the three languages mentioned as the syntax is less error-prone and can be learned quickly.

Major differences between C, C++, C#

C and C++ are very similar when it comes to programming languages even with their differences, but when it comes to C#, it has more common elements with Java. Although C# is technically related to each other, they are still enormously different, but the same background as C and C++ is useful in C# due to their similar syntaxes. The difference between the three similar yet dissimilar languages may give you an idea about choosing the language you can focus on as this will help you save time and start the learning process.

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