Steps to Become a Construction Contractor

The primary job of a construction contractor is to plan, supervise and inspect various construction projects. The construction projects can include residential buildings, commercial buildings and other governmental/public works. The construction contractor is also responsible for getting all the permits to build a structure. They need to ensure that they have the necessary licence and permits to go ahead with the project. As a construction contractor, you will have to travel to a lot of construction sites and check if all the things are properly done. The job can be a bit stressful as you have to keep moving around to get things done. But if you like dealing with construction work, then it can be a real treat for you.

The following are some of the steps to become a construction constructor:

Get an associate’s degree:

Students who have completed high schools should get into a degree program which deals with construction management or technology. There are several institutes that offer such courses, and you will roughly need about two years to complete the course. If you are planning to take up construction management programs, it is also adviced that you learn other things such as algebra, safety practices and other related subjects. If you want you can also get a bachelors degree which will be a four-year program. It might give you an increased chance to obtain a job, but all employers do not require it in this business.


Get a position in construction:

Once you are done with the learning part, you need to get hands-on experience. To get this, you will have to obtain a position in construction. You can look for employment opportunities in construction-type settings so that you will learn how things are done on the site. You can work under the general contractor or the construction contractor and learn from them directly. No matter what you have studied, unless you have the hands-on experience, you will not be aware of the real deal.

Get a license:

Depending on the state regulations you will have to obtain a license to become a construction constructor. The requirements might vary from state to state, but it is better to have a license.

Constructor contractor:

Once the education, hands-on experience and the license are obtained, you can finally become a constructor contractor. Most try to start their own business and work independently some join with other established companies and work for them. You can choose which is the best for you and act accordingly.


It is always good to be certified at what you do. Though it is not a mandatory thing to be certified, it is an added benefit. You can consider doing certifications such as Construction Management Association of American or American Institute of Constructors which is recognised all over the country.

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