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Hebei Building Materials Vocational and Technical College is the only higher vocational college named “Building Materials” in the country approved by the Hebei Provincial Government and filed with the Ministry of Education.


The college covers an area of ​​300 acres, and the second campus Beidaihe 700 acres campus is actively in operation. The teaching building area is 185,000 square meters, the fixed assets are 100 million yuan, the total value of the equipment is 42.35 million yuan, and the collection of more than 200,000 books. There are 373 faculty members, including 275 full-time teachers, 93 full and associate professors, and 60 lecturers. At the same time, dozens of senior engineers with rich practical experience have been hired as intern training consultants and part-time teachers. The school has computer network centers, business simulation laboratories, experimental training centers, audio-visual teaching centers, multimedia speech rooms, indoor and outdoor sports activity centers and other teaching facilities. There are 6347 students in the school, and the apartment is managed by students. The dormitory is equipped with 201 magnetic card phones and independent toilets. There are medical service rooms, supermarkets, baths and other living service facilities on the campus.