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How to make your building green

All of us know how important it is to save energy. The non-renewable resources are slowly depleting, and if we continue at this pace, we will not have enough energy for the future. The term “Going Green” has been trending all over but many fail to understand the real meaning of it. Going green is when you lead a sustainable life where you efficiently use energy. Only when we have a balance in the ecosystem, we will be able to lead a sustainable life. A green building can also be called a sustainable building, and it is usually built in a resource efficient manner.

Some of the main objectives of a green building include:

The green building has to be built in a way that it protects the people who are staying in the building. It should not contain any hazardous materials which will harm the health of the occupants in the wrong run.
It should be built in a way that energy such as water, el; electricity and other resources are used efficiently. The overall impact on the environment must be reduced, and it needs to have satisfying spaces.



Site sustainability:

A green building should be built in a sustainable location such that it does not cause any harm to nature. There should not be any impact on the environment while building a green building. For example, there should not be any trees cut down to build the building or any chances for soil erosion due to the construction of the building.

Using water efficiently:

Green building should be built in such a way that it uses water efficiently. One should consider using rainwater for landscape irrigation and not use potable water. The building needs to use recycled water to flush toilets and should also have water control fittings.

Using energy efficiently:

The building must be built in such a way that it gets maximum daylight. So that there wouldn’t be a need to switch on lights during daytime. Painting the walls of the building green will help in cooling the building, and thus you don’t have to use additional coolers to keep the structure cool. The property needs to have LED lights so that the energy consumption is lesser when compared to other lights. Having solar panels on the roof can help you save a lot of energy. If the building is located in a place where there is sunlight throughout the year, then it is a must to have solar panels installed.

Eco-friendly building materials:

There are many building materials which are hazardous to the health, and it also causes harm to the environment. It would be great if we could stop using such materials for construction purposes.

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